Jase Lydom explains how to keep kids active during home isolation

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We were lucky enough to have an exclusive chat with Jase Lydom, gym owner and Ninja Warrior. He shares his tips and tricks about keeping kids active and healthy when stuck at home.

There’s no doubt the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis has made it far more difficult to keep kids active. When organised sport, swimming lessons and even visiting the local park with friends are all off the table, what are parents left to do? It certainly creates a challenge, but that is exactly how Jase Lydom likes it!

Jase is a fitness expert who has been in the industry for fourteen years. He’s completed training, worked as a gym instructor, and even been a two-time contestant on the Australian version of Ninja Warrior.

These days, Jase owns and operates Geelong Boxing & Obstacle Training (GBOT) and is passionate about how to keep kids active. We chatted with him to learn more about his business and gain some insight into children maintaining physical activity during the current coronavirus pandemic.

Stuck On You: First things first. How did you get involved with Australian Ninja Warrior and what was the experience like?

Jase: I was sent the application to Australian Ninja Warrior by a mate of mine. It looked like a cool thing to do, so I applied and managed to get a gig on the first season.

It was just a fantastic experience. Yes, it was very nerve-racking, but so much fun and I met a lot of people who I now call friends. Then I applied and successfully entered season two—knowing what to expect the second time around. Again, it was a great experience and one I will never forget.

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Stuck On You: What are you most enthusiastic about when it comes to your role as a fitness instructor?

Jase: Leading group fitness classes is my passion. I love the group banter, the motivating training environment, and the connection with the participants.  Putting together some variety within classes also comes naturally to me and I train in a lot of different class styles.

As an instructor, you need to control the group and lead them well. But also give them enough freedom to enjoy themselves and chat with others.

Stuck On You: Can you tell us about Geelong Boxing & Obstacle Training, and what you offer kids in your programs?

Jase: In 2016, I had an outdoor bootcamp business that was travelling well and so my wife, Kaz, and I decided to open a training venue.

We changed our name to Geelong Boxing & Obstacle Training and named the new training venue The Funhouse. We had custom-made obstacles built and decided to start a kids’ program.

The concept of Ninja Warrior classes was new, and so with no template to follow, we made up a term-based program. Now it has evolved to be Australia’s and one of the world’s largest programs of its nature. We have 12 passionate coaches and currently run 26 kids’ classes per week.

With a motto of “The Obstacle is the Way”, our focus is on helping kids develop fitness, endurance and strength through obstacle training, but just as importantly, confidence and determination. Through all of this they’ll develop skills in problem-solving, overcoming challenges, and ultimately it will help instil good healthy habits in their daily lives.

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Stuck On You: With the coronavirus situation, what advice would you offer about keeping kids healthy and fit while they’re spending extra time at home?

Jase: Unfortunately, in the current situation kids are restricted to their homes. But we tell them to focus on what they can do, rather than what they can’t do.

Our suggestion is to move every day, stay active and spend this time learning how to cook healthy food with mum and dad.

Also, create some fun. Design your own obstacle course in the backyard and become a backyard Ninja Warrior!

Stuck On You: What can parents use to create a home obstacle course? And what are your suggested activities that don’t need much equipment, both inside and outside?

Jase: Parents can create a home obstacle course using literally anything: buckets or food tins to run around, paper plates as stepping stones, ladders flat on the ground to step in and out of, or even crawling under seats. You name it, you can use it! Also, let the kids help. They have creative little minds and often think outside the square.

Now, if the kids are at home with minimal equipment then I suggest going for runs and walks with the family or even the dog. I also recommend trying to focus on bodyweight movements like push-ups and squats for older kids and things like starjumps for younger kids.

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Stuck On You: Do you have any tips for healthy eating and maintaining a healthy mind during self-isolation?

Jase: Self isolation brings about its own challenges, but we feel that by approaching it with a positive mindset the experience will be a more enjoyable one.

Instead of thinking you are trapped at home, use the time and the opportunity you have to learn new skills like cooking, playing guitar or learning to juggle.

Reading and increasing your knowledge during this time is also a great way to increase personal growth and expand your mind. 

Connection with other family members through games and interaction is very important too. Use available and reputable communication apps and social media platforms to connect regularly with friends.

Above all though, I believe routine is very important. Don’t let laziness creep in. Set a time of the day for certain projects and stick to your timetable as much as possible. I believe if we self-isolate properly we can all come out of this experience as better humans.

Stuck On You: GBOT is offering online classes for kids and families. What options are available?

Jase: We offer two online home fitness programs, one for adults and one for kids. The kids’ program is called GBOT Home Ninjas and for $10 per week families get access to:

  • A daily workout
  • Fun challenges
  • Healthy eating tips
  • Recipes
  • Fitness, ninja warrior and obstacle training tips

It is a really interactive group and the feedback we have received is very positive. Our main aim is to keep families moving, help put some fun into kids’ lives and promote a healthy lifestyle to everyone.

Anyone wanting to join us can click on this link below and we will be in touch shortly.

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Stuck On You would like to thank Jase for his time and insight. Please comment on the Facebook post with your thoughts about how to keep kids active at home!

And don’t forget to check out the Stuck At Home activities page for other great ways to help kids with home isolation!

Posted by: Carrie Felton

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