Host an easy fundraiser with the help of Stuck On You

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Believe it or not, it is possible to organise a successful and easy fundraiser with very little stress or effort. Let Stuck On You help put the ease and ‘fun’ back into fundraising—where you just sit back and watch the dollars roll in!

An easy fundraiser sounds like a complete and utter fantasy. Between the organisation, set up, money collection and time, a child’s birthday party would cause fewer headaches. Plus, you’d get to eat cake!

Then there’s the process of even deciding what sort of fundraising event to host.

You could try a car wash. You know, if the idea of keeping thirty kids armed with hoses under control is your thing. Or maybe a talent show, because parents love to pay money to see other children sing their favourite songs off-key.

Or there is another way. An easier way. There’s the Stuck On You fundraiser way!

Putting the fun back into fundraising

But what exactly is a Stuck On You fundraiser and how could we possibly claim there is a fun part to the whole process? Well, the fun part is what you’re raising the money for!

Maybe it’s new books for your school library? More educational toys for your child’s daycare or kindergarten? Or perhaps some uniforms for your local sporting club?

But whatever the goal is, that’s also how we live up to our mantra. We take care of all the un-fun stuff (like administration), so you can just focus on the whole reason you started a fundraiser in the first place.

That’s how we put the fun back into fundraising!

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How it works

A Stuck On You fundraiser takes the popularity of our products to the next level. Labels, Bentos, Bags and the whole range can help you raise money for your school, daycare, kindergarten, sporting club or other organisation.

You receive a dedicated fundraising link and exclusive fundraising code. When your supporters purchase Stuck On You products using that unique link or code, we’ll provide 20% commission (5% for sale items) directly to your fundraiser!

Once you have raised $50, you can collect your funds or allow your total to keep growing for as long as you need. Simple!

Plus, given we’re an online store across 127 countries, you can have supporters from just about anywhere in the world.

What you need to do

Essentially, you need to do very little! You don’t have to sell raffle tickets, organise prizes and events, reconcile hundreds of receipts, or tell any eight-year-olds their renditions of ‘Hallelujah’ were a smidge out of tune.

You simply register and then spread the word, and with our Fundraising Toolkit, that’s easy too! It’s full of marketing material you can use to promote like there’s no tomorrow.

There are flyers to advertise around your school or organisation, handouts to print off and give to your supporters, and even a bunch of digital ads to get people involved over social media like Facebook. We do all the grunt work. All orders are handled from our site, packed by our team, and dispatched via our warehouse.

Your main role is to sit back and watch the money roll in! It really is the easiest fundraiser you will ever run!

A picture of bags for a Stuck On You fundraiser

Ready for your own Stuck On You fundraiser? Then check out our fundraising page for more details. You can click here when you’re ready to sign up and get started.

If you have any more questions, check out the FAQs, drop us a line on Facebook, or contact our Customer Service Team at or on 1800 645 849.